Using Service Workers

Adding offline capabilities, background sync and push notifications to your web applications.

Technology level: experimental

Submit any issues or pull requests against the ck-service-workers repository.

Versioning information

Current as of July 2015, last significant update was 2015-07-13.
This content kit tracks the latest version of the service worker specification and related specs, all code & demos include the required browser version/implementation.

This content kit is published under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.

About this content kit

Not all audiences are created equal - so not all presentations and workshops should be the same as well.

This content kit aims to be as modular as possible - consisting of several types of teaching resources to help presenters give talks, show slides and/or host workshops. When speakers know their audience beforehand, they could easily mix-and-match the different resources to create the most appropriate presentation for their audience, and also adapt to any time constraints or environmental limitations they might be subject to.

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